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Special Announcement!

Greetings Amazon Botanical Lovers! 

The wait has been so very long...

Remember those Amazon Rainforest Botanicals you loved so much?

...finally, we have an answer to the longing many of us have had for the RETURN of the High-quality, Unparalleled, Bio-energetic products we so dearly valued & loved!

This Invitation is for You!

After many months of going back into the lab, the original formulators (Dr. James Hawver & Standard Enzyme Quality-Control Board member, John Easterling) have created an array of up-leveled Rainforest Blends.

Made using the ancient Spagyric Method with the best quality botanicals directly from the Amazon Rainforest. 

Raise your health and the health of your clients to a whole new level. 

Only available via accredited Health Practitioners and Standard Enzyme Certified Distributers (SECD).*

*Rainforest Alive! is a SECD.

Introducing New & Improved Rainforest Blends™!!!

Whether you are an accredited, degreed, licensed, or certified Health & Wellness Professional or a direct customer wanting to order these life-enhancing products, we can support your needs!

So many Health & Wellness Practitioners are looking for an enrichment for their functional practices to support their patients and clients with the unsurpassed life-giving, vitalizing force of Wild-crafted Bio-Dynamic Botanicals directly from the Source.  Now is the time to ignite your portal for an incomparable support stream in your offices and business vision.  Contact us via info@rainforestalive.net to create this powerful addition to your offerings!

For Individuals wanting to place an order, please email us via info@rainforestalive.net for a brochure of available Rainforest Blends ™.

See the Complete Line of Rainforest Blends™ Formulas - email us -


- Journey to the Amazon! -

September 14-21, 2017 

(Machu Picchu, Cusco, Sacred Valley extension Sept. 20-25)

**NEW**  $500 Discount!!!

For those of you who'd like a direct experience with the Botanicals in their native jungle habitat, join us for this once-in-a-lifetime educational Amazon Expedition!

With an optional extension to Machu Picchu and the Ancient Incan Empire capital city of Cuzco...

The Institute of Modern Wisdom (IMW), along with the Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research (ACEER), and the Association of Natural Health (AONH)*

Present for You – 

*An Amazon Rainforest Botanic Cultural & Educational Immersion*

Healing & Cultural Traditions of Amazonia:

Directly experience the Indigenous Community of the Ese'Eja, our hosts, and one of the last Hunter-Gatherer groups on planet earth - 

Experience their Wisdom, Botanical Healing Traditions, Ceremony, Culture, and Sacred Sites... 

Study with the Indigenous Medicine Men & Women, wild-crafting directly from the Amazon Rainforest... immersed in Indigenous Wisdom, Ceremony, Culture, and Sacred Sites…

Go deep into the Amazon Rainforest for an incredible one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn about the Rainforest Botanicals from the Indigenous Ethnomedicinal Elders. Journey to the Highlands to visit the world famous site of Machu Picchu and the ancient Incan Empire capitol of Cusco! 

For more information on this powerful program, email info@rainforestalive.net.

*all registered 501c3 organizations

**CEUs available


Here's a Quick Taste Interview for you to meet a couple of our North America faculty for our upcoming Amazon Expedition this September!

Featuring Dr. Jim Hawver & National Geographic Explorer, Jon Cox!

Amazon Expedition 2017!

Check out this extended interview with National Geographic Explorer, Jon Cox, along with Dr. Jim Hawver of the Association of Natural Health.

These are just two of the handful of Faculty you will be mentored by on this like-no-other Amazon Educational Immersion!

We will be hosted in the Amazon Rainforest by the Ese'Eja Tribe - one of the last Hunter-Gatherer Tribes on planet Earth, receiving daily inspiring educational sessions on the bio-dynamic botanicals, wildlife, cultural traditions, & more!