Rainforest Blends™

Introducing Rainforest Blends™

ARCO PLUS - Protects immune system against fungus, yeast, viruses, and bacteria.

CAMU PLUS - Powerful anti-viral formula.

CLEAR MIND - Promotes healthy brain chemistry. Improves mood, memory, and immunity.

ENVIRO PLUS - Restores body after exposure to environmental impurities. 

GRAVIOLA - Interferes with abnormal cell growth.

HER FORMULA - Specially formulated for women to nourish and balance the endocrine system, boosting mental clarity and physical stamina.

HIS FORMULA - Specially formulated for men for endocrine health, mental clarity and stamina.

IMMU BOOST - Supports immune and lymphatic health.

IMMU C LIQUID - Supports the immune system and encourages drainage of toxins.

KAVA CALM - Eases anxiety, stress and mood swings. Can aid concentration.

KLS ENVIRO - Supports the liver, kidneys, gallbladder and spleen, aiding in purification.

MB BUILDER - Nourishes and strengthens both body and mind.

METABA PLUS - Aids metabolism, especially of complex carbohydrates. 

R PLUS - Assists recovery after physical exertion. Benefits muscles and joints. 

SANGRE DE DRAGO - Facilitates wound healing, immune function and digestive health.

TOPICAL R GEL - Promotes healing of topical issues such as rashes, sunburns and scrapes.

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Over 30 Years!

Our formulators have been forging unbreakable alliances in the Amazon River Basin for over thirty years!  

Amazon John Easterling, Rainforest Educator, and Dr. Jim Hawver, Naturopathic Doctor, live up to the Amazonian Ethnobotany legends the likes of Dr. James Duke and Margaret Mee, creating incomparable formulations to meet the needs of so many who are looking for an up-leveled life experience.

Now is the time.  We are here.